• The Classic Lyon Watch

    The ultimate elegance

    The beautiful warm brown leather makes the classy Lyon exude finesse.
    It is the timepiece for the smart and charming.



classic sleek black style



well established class



the ultimate sophistication



Perfect in taking you from day to night. Easy interchangeable straps means your

casual daytime timepiece can transform into the perfect luxe timepiece by night.

We speak the ultimate versality.


It takes great skill to create a SUPER SLIM case; to be able to fit every important part of the precision Japanese made movements into such a fine space and to continue to function immaculately.

That is what our customers love about our watches.

We have innovated the perfect thin elegant case which will compliment every personal style. A much sought after 7mm case for the effortlessly classy.

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Our vivid passion emerged from the beautiful waters of the West Coast of Australia.

The Christiaan & York timepieces are inspired by the ocean’s natural beauty;

true elegance and character forged by the wildest waves.

Simple, sophisticated and great lasting quality that can withstand the rough test of time.

A timepiece that exudes strength and beauty, a timepiece that embodies you.



Our philosophy is to SIMPLIFY and PRIORITISE. Often, we get so caught up

with the mundane ritual of life, striving towards something ‘more’,

that we forget what’s most important.

With Christiaan & York, we are more than a creator of watches. We are a

reminder that what’s truly important is to TAKE YOUR TIME AND ENJOY LIFE.

Our mission is to capture the fragile meaning of time right onto your wrist.

We aspired to strip back all the extras that take away from what’s

truly important: YOUR TIME.



LILLIAN VAN DER VEEN, Dutch Model @lillianvdv


“I am very happy with my black LYON watch. It’s elegant, and the perfect accessory to complete an outfit. Thank you Christiaan & York!”



“Apparently, my new Brookfield black C&Y watch is beautifully perfect despite my wrists are pretty small….. and of course its quality of material is nice!! Black colour suits on my lifestyle, which I can obviously wear it on every occasion.”


HAKIM TAREB, Menswear blogger @hakimtareb

“I’m so happy with my new black Brookfield, I really love the product, very elegant and simple, is the perfect men accessory. Many thanks Christiaan and York for the amazing watch.”


NONNY MULHOLLAND, Australian Model @nonnymulholland

“My watch is amazing, love the simple style. The shipping was fast and packaging was beautiful.”


"I wear mine everyday. I seriously love mine!" - Dee
"So luxe, love the black!" - Em
"I literally wear this everyday." - Sam
"An elegant design that is the perfect size for me." - Jamie
"The perfect watch for any occasion. Excellent build quality! " - Quentin
"It's excellent quality and exactly what I've been looking for!" - Tiffany
"Sits comfortably on my wrist and is also an aesthetic piece for photos!" - Steph
"I have quite small wrists so I was glad to find that the watch still fitted me." - Zack


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