Our Story

Our vivid passion emerged from the beautiful waters of the West Coast of Australia. The Christiaan & York timepieces are inspired by the ocean’s natural beauty; true elegance and character forged by the wildest waves. Simple, sophisticated and great lasting quality that can withstand the rough test of time. A timepiece that exudes strength and beauty, a timepiece that embodies you.

Our Philosophy

Everyone deserves to be loved for who they truly are. And that includes you. This is why or timepieces are so simple but yet beautiful because the watch doesn’t wear you, we want you to wear the watch. But we want our timepieces to be more than an accessory, we want it to exude sophistication and intellect. With Christiaan & York, we believe you are more than what people see.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give every single person on this Earth the confidence to be and feel loved for who they truly are and not just how they look. We believe there is more to a person than what can be viewed from the surface. We believe people fall in love with how they are made to feel more so than how one appears. We dare to aspire on this mission, because we dare to spread love.

Our Design

Inspired by timeless style, Christiaan & York showcases minimalistic, refined and classic designs. Featuring an elegant and thin 7mm case, Christiaan & York proves that simplicity transcends time. The simple, timeless design with interchangeable straps means our watches are perfect for every single occasion, and every unique style.

We aspired to create a timepiece that would never go out of style. A watch that exudes confidence and intellect. A masterpiece of immense versatility and ultimately of character daring to be loved…